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In dyestuff industry: it is used to make sulphide dye, as raw material of cure lividity and cure blue. In mining industry,As ore flotation agent in the ferrous metallurgy industry. 5)Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control9 A: Our factory can accept any third party inspection.

1.the dye industry for the production of sulfur dyes, sulfur blue and sulfur blue is the raw material. The textile industry for man-made fiber denitrification and reduction of nitrides, and cotton fabric dyeing mordant. Also sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide, sulfur dyes and other raw materials.

Molecular formula: Na 2 S Molecular weight: 78.04 CAS No. Usage: Sodium sulphide used in tannage, papermaking, textile, dye, chemical material, mining. Packing: 25kg plastic woven bags,or 1000kg jumbo bags.

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Alibaba.com provides a vast collection of sodium sulphide compounds and mixtures for varied applications in processing industries and homes. Some uses include medicines, rubber, fertilizers, and wine. Synthetic forms are used for making jewelry or research projects. The sodium sulphide are available in the form of crystals, powder, and granules. The products are generally non-toxic and safe for handling by humans. The salts may produce intense and putrid smells for easier identification.

sodium sulphide are common materials in chemistry labs and learning institutions. They are widely divided into organic and inorganic compounds depending on the composition and the intended purpose. Combinations such as niobium and tantalum produce the least friction and are reliable raw components for visual and sensitive tools. These products melt at a higher point than oxides, and they have a salt-like or formidable metal-like appearance. Dealers and distributors for the compounds on Alibaba.com deliver products that have undergone unique production techniques.

The uses for these products are broad and unrelated, and they are applicable in different forms.  They may be packaged as powders, sputtering targets, or aerosol cans for use as lubricants or grease ingredients. The materials are relatively stable for manufacturing batteries. A large family of sodium sulphide products is available, some with crystalline features and premium lubricity.

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