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About products and suppliers:

Solar flood lights have become the newer, greener way of getting energy for lights. These lights on Alibaba.com can be utilized for sporting events and more recently, they have found their way into the theatre, lighthouse, sites, and homes. They're fully sustainable and can be installed anywhere regardless of power cables.

Most solar flood lights on Alibaba.com have broad-beamed high-intensity light, which illuminates outdoor areas with extreme brightness. They feature polycrystalline solar panels that are wide to grab the sunlight and store the in-built batteries' energy. This energy power-up the flood lights for up to 8 hours or more continuously. Some of these solar LED lights have bulbs made with die-cast aluminum for high lumens power while using little energy. These solar lightings have a 20% or more conversion rate that makes them awesomely useful on rainy days.

Some solar street flood lights come with remote controls to adjust solar panel, light holder brightness and time adjustment. The solar panel can adjust up to 360 degrees according to sunlight requirements. Some outdoor solar flood lights feature in-built sensors that automatically open light at dusk and switch off at daybreak. Most of these lights are waterproof and weatherproof and can withstand sleet, snow and rainy weather. With simple wiring step details in the manual, the buyer can easily mount these floodlights in parks, courtyards, parking lots, streets, campuses, sidewalks and more.  

Visit Alibaba.com to select from a wide variety of quality solar flood lights at an affordable price without compromising quality. The certified suppliers are working endlessly to install new technologies on these panels. Light up the world with these high lumens lightings.