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About products and suppliers:
Solar led lights are the most viable and eco-friendly options in present times. Users can fit it in remote areas where standard grid power is unreachable. Alibaba.com offers a massive collection of these outdoor solar led lights for interested customers to choose from. These can continuously illuminate dark places and streets for 5-7 days in one charge. 

Solar led lights have solar panels attached on top of them, which charges by the day and turns in at night. The installation is easy and needs a pole or a wall to mount on. Solar-powered led wall lights are a green alternative to conventional street lights, which use grid power to function. Using these lights makes people free of dependency on irregular grid powers. Since these solar led waterproof lights can illuminate continuously at night, the places are less prone to crime. Thus, making the streets safe and secure. 

Few solar led lights use modern technologies even to capture videos through embedded night vision cameras. These also help increase the light when a vehicle or car passes and dimming the light on empty roads. Thus, also saving on a lot of energy. One significant advantage of outdoor solar led lights on Alibaba.com is they have an automatic turn on/off system. One doesn't need to switch the lights on and off physically. 

Customers have the option to buy solar led garden lights for parks, gardens, footpaths and running circuits. This helps the kids, adults and old age people to use the space at any time of the night. Alibaba.com offers such solar led lights at reasonable prices from trusted and certified manufacturers.