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        Q: Split system air conditioner question, temp control?
A: Some have a condensate pumping that pumps out the water from the unit . I 've never seen one pumped up to a gutter though but there 's been some real jack legs out there . 

Q: How much energy does a split air conditioner use?
A: Even with the add info , there is still challenging to put a finger on what the loading of the space is . When we input a space like this in energy modelling software , requires both surface the fields of the walls , windows and roof is subjected to the outdoors , insulation values of all of these ( including windows ) , and directions of each . It is also best to incorporate any heat loads aroused from electric items ( refrigerator , computers , lights ... ) . You ought to be able to look up the real electric loading during operating , but the 13 SEER means it will produce thirteen BTU for each W of input ( not includes the indoor fan ) . In other words , your 12,000 BTU unit usages about nine23 W plus the fan power ( no more than ten0W here ) . Rather than was endeavouring to use the theoretical approach , I would simply 're trying estimate the time it really runs . The math are simple because it 's about onekW draw , so your estimation in hours of operating per annum or day will be how numerous kWh you use .  With that 's saying I played around with some worstesting and bestest instances in my software , well , it looks like your costs will go somewhere between $ 400 and $ 500 per year . 

Q: Mini split air conditioner energy cost?
A: Split air conditioning are astonishingly energy effective with EER ratios of up to two0 or more . So forevery BTU of heating they remove , they take up to 1/20 of a BTU in electricity .