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5.) The short polymer residence time ensures high flexibility and versatility for the production with high quality colored yarn. 1.2. Components description The extruder plasticizes and homogenizes the polymer and feeds it into the electrically heated spinning head. The precision gear pump force controlled the melt to the spinning packs with the spinnerets.

The machine features convenient operation and easy to management due to its high automation. It is suitable for spinning of cotton and synthetic fibres or their blends to produce weaving or knitting yarns. The machine is suitable to the processing of cotton,synthetic fibers or their blends.

> electric fan cooling system Removable Winder > will able to replace the winder by new one with different Diameter. > Rotate Speed adjustable to make fiber with different fineness. >10 g sample can spinning 100 minutes >For 0.15mm spinnret hole, finished fiber with 5~15 um dia.

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 The modern spinning machine. on Alibaba.com offer reliable technological input. Adjustable settings help maintain constant productivity; most of the products come with high-speed production modes. The diverse methods of yarn production allow for quality specifications. Safety is essential in the assembly of these factory machines. The automatic spinning machine. are easy to operate with minimal monitoring after switching on the production lines.

Any kind of fabric sells, as long as the texture is right and the customer's needs are catered for. The powerful rotor spinning machine. produce quality yarns for premium fabrics. The low cost of maintenance and operation lowers the cost of production, giving better profits. The mechanical parts are easily replaceable, helping reduce the hassle of finding spare parts. Compact packaging of these machines protects them against damage on-transit.

While in the market shopping efficient spinning machine. on Alibaba.com, prospective buyers should check the operating modes of production. Diverse technologies have specific energy needs, so pick what is sustainable. Compare the availability of ground space that the production factory will need. Higher maintenance costs considerably reduce profits, and these machines are built to last longer, with minimal breakdowns. This increases the output capacity on any given working day.

Modern technology yarn products appeal to many buyers seeking quality fabrics. High-production spinning machine. have better warranties for after-sales services. The reasonable delivery times allow various textile businesses to begin production in real-time. The global suppliers on Alibaba.com with impressive reviews offer attractive deals and unbelievable prices to their customers. Browse catalogs on the site and select from the products for a profitable business.