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All splicing machine are held at high standards of precision, with industry-specific metrics to make the calibration easier and faster for your customer. The equipment is brand new, with an anti-rust exterior for added protection. Go online and shop on Alibaba.com for great deals on splicing machine directly from suppliers and manufacturers.

You can search for splicing tools, from splicing machines, fiber optic fusion splicers, precision fiber cleavers, crimping tools to electrical cutters. Fiber optic testing equipment options can help with inspection, cleaning, troubleshooting, and verification of installed fiber optic cable networks. The wide range of options include fiber optic testers, fiber optic power meters, fiber multimeters, fiber optic light sources, optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR), fiber visual fault locators, fiber optic identifiers, optical fiber rangers, and variable fiber optic attenuators.

Are you looking for splicing machine for installations, testing, servicing, or inspections, or you want to source wholesale splicer machine for your business? Browse the wide range of equipment, components, and tools that can be used on different fiber optic projects. The range includes installation tools such as bucket trucks, cable pullers, fiberglass duct rodders, plows, trenchers, and fiber optics transceivers. Find other splicers machine for various projects, including products, sp optical, cable, and opt fiber fibericic equipment. You'll find options for either residential, industrial, commercial, or military application. These range include installation fiber suchic bucket equipment, cableglassers and fiberglass.