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In today's pop culture, many people are turning to substances and alcohol for entertainment and pleasure. With this has come an interesting trend where people wear a coke spoon necklace, which is basically a tiny spoon necklace, to symbolize and communicate that they do a particular substance. Due to this spoon necklace meaning, many people also call it a stash necklace with spoon. Although this was a trend, it is more likely that people nowadays buy a mini spoon necklace simply as a fashionable accessory. It looks very unique and adorable, and due to its origins may have some implication of being in trend, liberal, and free to do whatever one wants. Such ideas are very fashionable with the youth of today, even if it is only a symbolism. If you are serving such a market, you may wish to tap on these trends and cultural meanings by offering spoon necklace products.

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