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        Q: Plugging a dryer in an oven outlet?
A: 1 ) There is no such thing as a 120 volt stackable washer/dryer . UNLESS its a gas drier . Then both the automobiles requires electricity were thus 120 volts .  2 Best choice . My wife has 've got to hang clothes in the tub before .  3 ) I did not know about Canadian law , however , in the United States of America , the National Electrical Code makes it ILLEGAL to run a drier off an range circuit . No . There is no such thing as an adaptor . ( U.S.A. )  The drier 's wiring harness is equipped to deal with 30 amps max . ( 14-30R ) The range circuit is wired to deal with 50 amps . ( 14-50R ) I can comprehend why it would appear like it 'll work . And In actually will . UNTIL Something goes incorrect in the drier and if it 's on a 30 amp breaker , it will tripped before something in the drier catches fire . But with it being on a 50 amp breaker ...  Well , you get the idea . No . It is NOT safe . And it sounds like you actually c're for not exclusively yourself , but foreverybody embroiled , and for that , I congratulate you .   Now , I did not know the set-up of said apartment , but you 're asking meed . Run a 30 amp circuit from your panel to a new drier localisation . Sometimes even though it 's in the cellar , it is best than having clothes hanging all around the place .   Anyways , Good luck in everything you do and Merry Christmas ! 

Q: How to fix body spray?
A: The nozzle himself is obstructed up with drier perfume junk . Hot water might disbe resolved and make it work , but you are able required to just buy a new atomizer bottle shall be substituted for it .     Papaw 

Q: Can the repo man spray you with pepper spray?
A: I am not convinced he hates you , but he sure does n't respects you , or your wish be retained a virgin , till you find the rights guy and time .  You was just a buddy to him , in particular as you enjoy shooting guns , so as far as he is worrieded , you are able as well be a guy , with the exemption that you are able give way , for hare necessary for sex .  I do n't believe he likes you at all .