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Create flawless wall finishes and handle the trickiest ceilings with the mortar spray machines from Alibaba's construction tools store. Our wholesale store is the place to find a spray plaster machine that suits your budget, and there's a huge range of sprayers to choose from. All of them apply mortar via pressurized nozzles, creating a variable spray that's much faster to apply than hand trowels could ever manage. So with the right spray machine, you can speed up construction and improve your results at the same time.

Finding a spray plaster machine is easy at Alibaba.com. Just use our search function and filter for the mortar spray machines you need. Spraying machines don't come in a single size, and you can select various drum sizes to suit different requirements. There are also different machines for common construction materials. For instance, you can pick up mortar spray machines for grouting cement, plaster and shotcrete. Each spray is tailored to a certain set of materials, so check listings to make sure you find one that works for you.

When you search for a spray plaster machine all of the key specifications will be displayed in an easy to digest format. Look for sprayers with wheels for maximum mobility. Browse for models that have extended spraying distances or sprayers that are intended for close, delicate work. If you're working on a home project, there are compact mortar spray machines that have limited capacities but take up hardly any space, but you'll also find heavy duty sprayers for large-scale construction tasks. Whether you're working on an office building or a home extension, Alibaba.com's wholesale catalogue is the place to look. If you need to spray mortar with precision and efficiency, we have everything you need.