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Hydration is important to keep the body healthy and functioning at its optimal state. Drinking bottles are an essential item to pack when going out, whether it is to the office, to sports activities, or on long trips. It is good to develop the habit of carrying a refilling plastic water bottle around to have easy access to hydration any time of the day. The square plastic water bottle is refillable and thus can be used multiple times. They can also be used to carry other drinks such as juice, tea, milk, coffee, soda, etc.

Why choose a square plastic water bottle?

The plastic material of a plastic water bottle makes it lightweight and convenient to carry. It is durable and can be recycled to reduce plastic waste. Many areas offer a plastic water bottle recycling program to their constituents. The plastic material also makes it such that the surface of the plastic water bottle can be customized with a name of the owner or a label of its contents. The customized plastic water bottle is a popular gift option for companies and individuals due to this unique feature. This can be used as a display in the home or kitchen. The insulated plastic water bottle can maintain the temperature of the contents for longer periods of time. The plastic water bottle with straw makes drinking easier and avoids spills when used while in a moving vehicle.

Why choose a square shape plastic water bottle?

The square shape makes it easy to travel with. The 16 Oz square plastic water bottle is perfect for a single serving of coffee and can fit in most bags easily without wasting space. More square water bottles can be packed in a bag than the same size circular water bottles. Its unique angles are smooth and stylish. The 32 Oz plastic water bottle can be used in the office for a clean and crisp aesthetic. The square plastic water bottle is also suitable for use as a sport plastic water bottle. Its shape makes it easy to carry by hand or strap onto the body.

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