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        Q: How to make Virgin Coconut Oil at Home?
A: Im an avid fan of VCO for skin caring , together with some other random usages . I do n't like 's using it on my hair , as it weighs it down too much . I also try not 's using much on my face , as I 'm sensitive to pimple breakouts . My favourite qualities of VCO is that its anti-microbial , mouisturizing , and reduces redness . I frequently use it as a day-to-day body moisturizer , and on irritated/injured/red skin . Its pleasant to add to a bath alone or with epsom salt/colloidal oatmeal/ etc . It is also possible utilized as shaving cream , in particular for those missed spots noted after getting out of the shower . It also makes pleasant personal lubricating for the bedroom . If im on a budgeting I find a jar in the food isle at Trader Joe 's ( USA ) for a good pricing . VCO advestised for cook may appear strange 's using as a skincare product however , it works huge ! 

Q: What is the difference between Raw Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Coconut oil?
A: Hi JazzyJ ,   There is a important variance between the two specificly when you 're using it towards rid itself of candida in your body . If it 's `` natural '' or `` additional virgin '' its looked just likely that it has been commerciallies increased systematically using artificial fertilizer and pesticides in huge plantations which will actually do damage caused to your body . In case of organic coconut petroleum , these coconut trees are rising without using any chemicals fertiliser or pesticide . But natural , they take much longer than the ordinary ones and more prone to pest attacks.O   Organic Coconut Oil is subjected solely to mechanical refining ( using fine filters ) and no chemical refining , bleach or deodourising is done unlike `` natural '' and `` additional virgin '' which are susceptible to such processes . The antimicrobial , antioxidant , antifungal , antibacterial and appeasing properties required for struggling candida are better in Organic Coconut Oil than its non organic counterpart . As far as external apps are worried , Organic Coconut Oil is not feasible harsh or harmful for your skin ( those with residuals of chemical fertilizer and pesticides may give waycrease to skinto difficultiess to those with sensitive skin ) . It is feasible to securely applicable in all skin types as it 's non allergenic in character . 

Q: Is coconut ghee ([virgin] coconut oil blended with butter oil) safe for deep fat frying?
A: The virgin oils are the unrefined versions of olive oil and coconut petroleum . These are the versions that do not undergoing any further processing down the line .   As such , the virgin oils are perceived as being healthier than the sophisticated version as they keep more of their initial wholesome constituents . Refinements such as deodorizing and bleach ( for coconut petroleum ) generally take some of the entiresome compounds perway .