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As the name implies, stackable planters are simply trays of plants that may be stacked on top of one another. In regions with limited space, gardeners can create gardens using stackable pot planters. Small planters are ideal for growing strawberries, herbs, some vegetables, or flowers due to their design. The vertical stackable planter gardening is perfect for patios, balconies, and even inside spaces with full-length windows.

How does a stackable planter system work?

Each layer contains four plant receptacles in the 5-tier stackable planter and the 3-tier stackable planter. Plants are placed in the "petal" section of each tier, which has four tiers that resemble four-petaled flowers. The stackable vertical garden's bottom layer contains multiple drainage holes and a central hole. There is also an interior plate that is positioned a few inches above the layer's base. The "Aquaphor," or space between the drainage holes and the plate, is where water passes.

The central hole of the tier is filled by a support pole or chain, which is in the middle of the second tier. As the pole or chain is inserted through the opening, the layer is added on top of the bottom tier. Potting soil and plants should keep being added until all layers are firmly attached to the center support (pole or chain).

Types and features of stackable planters

The six, five, and 3 pot stackable planter systems are the most often used. In the 5-tier stackable planter and the 3-tier stackable planter, each layer contains four plant receptacles. These stackable planter' systems come in a variety of colors and with wheels or without wheels. The pricier systems can be grown hydroponically or in regular soil.

Growing lights are included in the tray above the area where the plants will be placed in these shelf-style systems. They might rise two or three floors high. For "Do it Yourself" fanatics DIY stackable garden beds can be created from a number of repurposed materials. However, some DIY stackable planter ideas fail to consider the vertical planting concept's overall alignment.

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