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Stage lighting, also referred to as theatre lighting is used to illuminate a performance venue or stage, giving visual direction to the audience and actors, as well as shaping the environment. Stage spotlights enhance the stage production, creating a memorable performance, by capturing the audience's attention.

Why use stage lighting?

The goal of stage lighting designer is to elevate a stage production. The main objective of LED stage lighting is to illuminate the stage, performers, sets and props. Dim lighting can take away from the production, making it difficult for the audience to see the actors' facial expressions. Lighting also helps the actors on stage see where they're going, as well as see where the other performers on stage are. Stage lighting is also used to highlight different areas, directing where the audience members' eyes should go. Moving headlights can shine a spotlight on a single focal point, or cover a wide area to bring the entire stage to life. Theater lighting sets the scene, controlling the mood by using different colors and hues to complement the music or tone of the production.

What types of stage lights are there?

Several types of lighting fixtures are common in stage lighting design. A PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) can is a staple in stage lighting design. PAR cans are sealed-beam lamps in cylindrical metal casings, similar to vehicle headlights. PAR can lights are used to create horizontal or vertical beams. An ellipsoidal reflector spotlight delivers an intense beam of light that is ideal for front lighting while a followspot casts a focused beam of light to give extra emphasis to a performer moving around onstage. There are also fresnel lights, floodlights, cyc lights and strip lights. To hang these lights, installers will attach the lanterns to a lighting truss using lighting clamps. For extra security, installers may use a safety cable that wraps around the stage truss and the handle of the fixture.

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