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Stair climbing wheelchair machines provide people with disabilities with ease of mobility while climbing stairs or getting from one point to another on a flat surface. Also referred to as a wheelchair for stairs or a stair climbing chair, it is a mobility device that is designed to help people with disabilities go up and down the stairs with little to no assistance. Stair climbers assist people with mobility problems to navigate even tight spaces around their home like narrow hallways and be able to go outside on their own. The motorized stair climbing chair will only add to that convenience and help people with disability reclaim even more independence.

Features stair climbing wheelchairs

A mobile stair-climbing wheelchair is a semi-automated vehicle, which can climb stairs easily. The electric stair climbing chair is designed and analyzed with a planetary gear system attachment for the wheels. The structure and assembly of the planetary wheel basic parameters required have been calculated for climbing steps without slipping. The stress analysis on manual stair-climbing wheelchairs has been performed for their various operating conditions. A ratchet mechanism locking device is suggested to safeguard the user from falling down the stairs when using an electric stair climber for the disabled to prevent this kind of scenario from occurring. Most smart stair-climbing wheelchairs are oblique during the process of climbing up and down stairs and the user will feel uncomfortable as it can easily turn over, which poses a big safety risk.

Advantages of stair climbing wheelchair

A manual wheelchair that climbs stairs consists of many small parts, each contributing a valuable contribution to its work. The seat, backrest, arms, handrails, rails, and climbing deck are just some of the components that constitute the complete manual stair climbing chair. Electric stair wheelchairs are ideal for people with mobility problems as such people find it hard to get up and down a staircase using conventional wheelchairs. The portable stair-climbing wheelchairs can be easily dismantled and transported in virtually any car, ready for use at any destination. They have the benefit of allowing a person to climb upstairs without the fear of sliding or falling. The stair climber wheelchair function on all types of floor coverings such as wood, stone, metal, carpet, vinyl, and others.

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