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Staplers are mechanical devices that were invented out of the need to quickly join two or more pieces of paper together. They work by driving a thin metal staple through sheets of a given material and folding the ends. The thin metal staple, also called the stapler pin, is usually made of a ductile material such as zinc-plated steel wire. Less common and more expensive stapler pin materials can be found, which are made out of stainless steel and its various alloys, or steel plated with copper. Since its invention, the uses for staplers and stapler pins have expanded to upholstery, construction, and even medical procedures.

What are the common uses for the stapler pin?

A standard size guide for the stapler pin has been adapted across a large number of nations due to the universality of its applications. One common stapler pin stainless steel application is for the outdoors and areas with heavy traffic, such as carpet installation, flooring installation, and outdoor screen repairs. This is because stainless steel is significantly less resistant to corrosion than regular stapler pins. The industrial stapler pin is commonly used for general upholstery and can likewise be made of stainless steel, as previously mentioned. Similarly, a stapler pin for wood is also be used for upholstery and, ideally, for heavy-duty indoor applications due to its extra-sharp chisel points. Since the stapler pin is highly versatile, the limits of its applications depend on the user.

What are the common stapler pin sizes and colors?

Stapler pins come in a variety of stapler pin sizes, depending on the application. The generic heavy-duty big-size stapler pin is size 24/6. The stapler pin 24/6 has a standard crown width of 12.9 mm and a standard leg length of 6 mm. This is the size commonly used for furniture upholstery and construction. The small stapler pin size, typical for office use, is called stapler pin No.10. This has a standard crown of 9.4 mm and a standard leg length of 6 mm. Stapler pins are available in many colors, but the common stapler pin color is chrome or stainless.

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