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        Q: Solar generator info needed?
A: I know a few persons who use solar in Canada and appears to is rather happy with it . The snowadays is not as big of a dealing as you might think . The more northern you live the more of an angle you 've got the panels on so the very best the snow slides off . Plus these people are black in colour which heats up and melts the snow and ice quite faster . Mine do..  Snow and rain will not hurt your solar panels . But if you do get lots of snow yearly in your region you should mount the panels near the ground so you are able take broom to the snow if requireded .   The cold and the brighter the lighting the very best solar electrical is working .   Check out this how to . http : //www.oynot.com/grid-tie-only-how-t ... to sized a system for your home . There is a connection on the page to a world solar insolation map so you are aware how numerous sun hours you have per day on an avg . Should not take you more subsequently a one-half hour to get a good idea of what it will cost you and which packet system should work .   Good luck on going green and do not let the Oil and Nuke people bring you down . They 's just looseing money when you make your own power and their nuke power station goes off line and not superseded .   Some one above mentioned solar costs more.. That 're not genuine . I did not know about other countries but here the cost of living is about three.5 % per year therefore it compounded every year . Then there exists the rise in fuel costs which is 6.5 % per year which will be increased . But 's thinking it you 're buying thirty years of electricalal for 34thousand dollars . If your electrical bill was at current prices 100 dollar per month you would pay 36,thousand dollars in thirty years . Now add in the 3.5 percent cost of living compounded every year for thirty years and the fuel increses . You will pay the public utilie 100,000 in that time frame 

Q: Why you should use solar energy?
A: we use solar power by exploiting solar panals that storing heat from the sun and makes it to energy . the solar panal keeps some energy for a rainy day or the night . solar energy utilized , today by powering every thing that 's thermal and electricalal 

Q: AC or DC generator for solar system?
A: Since a solar panel produces DC , in general at a voltage for charging batteries like 13.5 or 20-seven or 30-nine , everything you necessary is an inverter that produces 220 AC ( actually 240 ) rather than the most common 120 VAC usage with homes in US..