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Stone-cutting machines allow you to cut stones in precise bits, faster than you would if you had opted to use your hands in cutting stones traditionally. You can find industrial stone cutting machine on, from a laser stone cutter to a stone cutting angle grinder. We’re going to look at different kinds of stone-cutting machines.

Marble Stone Cutting Machine

A marble cutting machine is used for both shielding and cutting marble surfaces. Not only that, but you could also cut granite, stones, and other hard materials that are porous with a marble cutting machine. Marble cutters ensure that the stone-cutting process registers less damage and leaves a lasting effect on the work done.

Bridge Type Stone Cutting Machine

Similar to a stone cutting circular saw that’s used in masonry to cut stones to size, the bridge type stone cutting machine takes it to the next level by cutting stones from all sides much faster and accurately. It does this by using its movable spindle head or its 5th axis on a rotary table to shorten the number of processing steps and boost productivity. Its accuracy in cutting stones is remarkable, along with the smooth surface finishing and swift stone cutting speeds.

Quarry Stone Cutting Machine

The quarry stone cutting machine supercharges its speed in stone-cutting by using a double inverter step-less speed regulator. This stone cutting machine is used for quarrying open-pit mines. Its simple stone-cutting operation is characterized by an extra swift and accurate cutting, and advanced inverter control, eliminating the intensive workload of machine operators, cutting down on dust pollution, and bringing down mining costs.

Waterjet Stone Cutting Machine

A waterjet stone cutting machine takes precision and speed to a higher level than other stone-cutting machines. Great at cutting through marble, granite, and quartz, a water jet cuts faster than the speed of sound. In fact, a high-pressure waterjet can easily cut 12 inches of stones at amazing speed levels. A garnet stone cutting machine is one of the best kinds of waterjet stone cutters, as it can cut through harder materials like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and carbon steel.