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Dealing with rocks, engineers and stone masons must carefully select specialized saws that will be able to contend with some of the hardest rocks, like granite. Thus, a saw for stone cutting is a specialized tool for working on stones, tiles, and concrete. The stone cutting saw is usually tougher and more powerful than wood saw, but it cannot be used to cut through wood or metals.

Types of stone cutting saws

Wholesalers offer a wide variety of stone-cutting saws, including circular saws and chainsaws. A circular saw is a handheld or stationary power tool that uses a circular disk with hardened tips to cut through stones. The stone cutting blade for circular saws rotates at high speed (between 10000 and 30000 RPM) around an abor thanks to an electric motor or a combustion engine. Electric motors are common in small hand held stone cutting saws. In contrast, large stone cutting saws, such as those used in quarries, are powered by a combustion engine and are usually stationary. Customers can also find table-mounted versions of circular saws, which are not as small as handheld saws or as large as quarry saws for stone sculpting.

Some of the characteristics of circular stone cutting saws for sale are they have narrow kerfs or teeth for smooth finishes and are accurate when used in a straight line. On the downside, circular stone cutting saws leave behind burrs or rough edges that remain after a stone has been cut. Fortunately, burrs are easy to remove with sandpapers.

Another common and versatile type of stone-cutting saw is a chainsaw. A chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that uses a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain to cut through stones. Online wholesalers have different sizes and configurations of chainsaws, ranging from small, handheld models for light-duty tasks to larger stone cutting saws and more powerful professional-grade machines. Despite the wide ranges in size, chainsaws are powered by either a two-stroke gasoline engine or an electric motor. Gasoline-powered chainsaws are more common and are known for their portability and high power. An electric stone cutting saw, on the other hand, is generally lighter and quieter but requires access to electrical outlets.

What are stone cutting saw blades?

A stone cutting saw blade is basically a replaceable toothed element that cuts through stones. Even though some parts of the blade may be made with high-carbon hardened steel (which doesn't fare well against tough stones), the teeth are usually made from an extremely tough material. Common materials for blade teeth are tungsten carbide and diamond. Tungsten carbide is a hard, durable metal made by combining tungsten and carbon. It's known for its high melting point of above 2500°C and superior wear and impact resistance. Both tungsten carbide and diamond are strong materials; however, diamond is harder than tungsten, measuring 10.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, while tungsten falls between 7.5 and 9.0. In addition, diamond tools maintain their cutting quality until they are first sharpened, while tungsten carbide tools begin to deteriorate from the start.