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A beach straw hat is a stiff woven hat that is made of straw or synthetic straw-like materials, and that is worn at the beach. Beach straw hats are a wardrobe essential for those who love outdoor experience and want to protect their skin. There are beach straw hats for men as well as straw hats for women. However, womens straw hats are considered the most common.

Types of Beach Straw Hats

Floppy Straw hats are wide-brimmed beach straw hats that drape downwards. Their wide brims provide maximum sun protection for the skin. Their chic design gives a relaxed vibe to one's outfit, making it a preferred option for beach outings. The beach straw hat can be worn with a swimsuit, denim shorts, or a sundress.

Straw fedora hats are another great option for the beach. They are more structured than the floppy straw hats. They are light and breathable, making them comfortable in the harsh summer sun. The straw fedora hats could be dressed down or up to add sophistication and elegance at the beach. One can select from different various brim sizes as well.

Straw cowboy hats are also a good option for the beach because they merge both functionality and style. They offer great sun protection and add a Western feel that is hard to resist. The cowboy straw hats can be paired with swimsuits, a sundress, or a romper. They come in different sizes to suit different customers.

Advantages of Beach Straw Hats

They protect the hair from harsh weather conditions. Excessive wind, humidity, or sun can be dangerous to one's hair when at the beach. The hair may become frizzy, dried out, discolored, and likely to experience breakage. The beach straw hat protects the hair from these elements, keeping it protected and healthy.

The beach straw hats are light and breathable. This makes them a great option for the hot summers when the skin needs to breathe. They could be considered when opting for light outfits suited for the beach. The straw beach hat allows air circulation around the head, keeping one cool and comfortable.

They are incredibly stylish and versatile. The beach straw hats have different styles, such as chic fedora hats and floppy hats with wide brims. Their diverse designs allow them to be paired with different outfits by dressing them up or down. Consider adding a ribbon at the top of the beach straw hat to give it a more personalized look.

How to Choose Beach Straw Hats

Consider the type of material and weaving style. Choosing a straw hat that is made using high-quality straw is a good place to begin. The material should be strong enough to withstand wear and tear. The weaving styles are either woven straws or braided straws.

After settling on the material, the size of the beach straw hat should also be considered. The brim size of the beach straw hats determines the degree of sun protection and the overall look of the customer. Also, consider the crown height, depending on the wearer’s head size before purchasing.