About products and suppliers:

The street light from our wholesalers create beautiful ambiences and add charm to the night time facades and architectural views. Street lamp posts are available with many specifications that allow customers to find what suits their needs. Aside from big streets, the street light fixture can be mounted almost anywhere. For example, street light globes are fixed on a pole for car park lighting or fixed on a wall for pedestrian lighting in a small street or a backyard.

The sodium street lights are one of the 1950s street lights that are still widely used to this day. Their bright warm light travels far and they are often used as decorative street lights in the likeness of old street lights. Details are added to the pole and the glass that contain the light is molded in a beautiful shape to use the vintage lamp post as decoration. This antique street lamp inspired by the original production of Victorian Street lamps creates beautiful halos of lights while providing a classy and sophisticated look to residencies and streets. The street light is weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Apart from the antique street lights, LED road lights with white lights provide a good peripheral vision for drivers. LED light streets are stable in harsh environments and can control their light throughout their life span. Solar panels and batteries are integrated into a LED lamppost to store the energy collected from the sun and transform it into the light. Dusk to dawn sensors and motion sensors are added to outdoor solar street lights for energy saving. These smart street lights automatically go on at sundown or off when the sun rises. The street light is sturdy and easy to install.