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Sublimation phone case blanks are empty templates that are used in the process of 3D Sublimation printing. These are blanks that are put on molds of different shapes and sizes pertaining to the model at hand. They are put on the mold, and then the image from the paper is transferred onto the blank to produce the phone case/cover. Sublimation cell phone cases come in different materials and designs.

What are the different materials of sublimation phone cases?

Phone case blanks are generally made from polymers like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polycarbonate (PC), and silicone. The quite common material used is TPU. TPU sublimation cell phone cases offer the ideal balance between weight, flexibility, and durability. More rigid plastics like PC are typically used in partnership with TPU to add bumpers and other protective elements to a case. These sublimation cases also offer lots of design options, including clear finishes, etc. Silicone heat press phone cases have great properties like flexibility, durability, and a nice soft rubbery finish. These sublimation phone cases are less prone to cracking than TPU or PC and are typically thinner and lighter. But silicone phone cases tend to be much more difficult to clean due to their rubbery texture.

Why do people choose sublimation phone cases?

Firstly, every dot of ink in sublimation printing can be of a different color. For this reason, sublimated graphics are applied in high-resolution pictures and have amazing color fidelity even under a microscope won't change that fact. For those who had in mind making phone cases eye-catching, sublimation phone cases are an ideal choice. Secondly, sublimated dye impregnates and becomes part of the phone cover. It will not fade or degrade over time, and the colors will remain accurate if spilled with water. What's more, dye sublimation requires no water and a low amount of energy compared to other commercial printing methods. Many companies would buy sublimation phone covers to make customized gifts for customers and clients.

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