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SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMER SAP Super Absorbent Polymer SAP is a brand-new functional macromolecule water absorbent material. LANDY offers a full range of SAP products with better performance and more stable. So the product is famous for its strong capability of water absorption and rentention.

Besides, the acrylice monomer residue of our SAP complies with international standards. Super Absorbent Polymer for Sanitary napkin Fast suction, good blood affinity, high absorption capacity, good gel strength, moisture resistance. Our Product Already Export To More Than Forty Countries.

It can absorb water up to several hundred times of its own weight, and become a natural gel within seconds. Even under the conditions of heat and pressure its water retention is also very strong. 1. What is your delivery date 9 A: The delivery date is 7-15 days after packing designs approved, and receipt of payment.

Flocculation property can be used for recovering solid substance, treating various industrial sewage, domestic sewage and purifying water, assisting filtering, treatment of tail coal as well as well-drilling slurry material etc. With the property of adherence and reinforcing of PAM, it can be used for paper-making industry to enhance staying rate of filling material, speed size filterability and white water sediment in the paper and then coagulate to increase the strength of the paper. Sales center: Helping the clients choose the most proper and the lowest price according to the needs of the clients.

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Select from the massive selection of top-quality, efficient, and super-absorbent. super absorbent polymer at Alibaba.com for various manufacturing and agricultural processes. These products are very safe to use and do not comprise of any harmful chemical combinations that may have detrimental effects. These efficient and high-quality. super absorbent polymer are available in distinct white granules, powder appearances, and are multifunctional synthetic, resin materials. Due to their non-polluting and eco-friendly properties, these are widely preferred by manufacturing, agricultural industries over other materials. Get them from the leading. super absorbent polymer suppliers and wholesalers on the site for unbelievable prices and discounts. 

The superior quality. super absorbent polymer available on the site are used for distinct purposes that cater to everyday lives and are known to be very reliable in terms of quality. These products are highly reliable and durable enough to last for a long time. The sustainability of these. super absorbent polymer are impressive and they are resistant against all forms of usages, wears, bacteria, and much more. These spectacular. super absorbent polymer are water-soluble and mostly retain, block, or absorb liquids. 

The incredible quality. super absorbent polymer available at Alibaba.com are available in various qualities and are mostly used for making hygienic products such as baby diapers, sanitary pads that need to be very health-friendly. These. super absorbent polymer are equipped with higher pH value, are waterproof, and are breathable products. The. super absorbent polymer found here are also used in agricultural, horticulture uses and do not hamper your crops at all due to their bacteria resisting and eco-friendly properties. 

At Alibaba.com, you can select from several. super absorbent polymer that can fit into your budget requirements and can save you money while purchasing them. These products are also available as OEM orders and are of pure quality. They are used for printing purposes too and can be applied for casting jewelry.