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To understand "what is a supreme money gun” it's exactly what it looks and sounds like: a gun-shaped, Supreme branded money shooter. Supreme money guns are simple and easy-to-use devices. Supreme money gun shooting is easy as it can be loaded with US dollar bills or any item that is similar in structure. The supreme money gun is literally the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to throw money on the street, or at a party. The real supreme money gun package even includes fake dollar bills (branded) for those who might have spent all their actual money. Supreme money gun replicas are available in custom-made varieties and also different colors like the blue supreme money gun which has all the looks and feels of the real thing.

How does the supreme money gun function?

To use the official supreme money gun, lift the top cover open, place the items in the loading compartment, and pull the trigger. Make sure to aim the supreme money gun drop in the direction you want the items to be dispensed. US dollar bills or fake cash are moved smoothly out of the slot by the device's use of a straightforward motor and rubber roller combination that generates enough friction. The ergonomic handle of the animated supreme money gun gives the user good control of the loading compartment and the direction the items are released in. And to top it all off, the supreme money gun battery is just one 9-volt battery with robust durability, helping them last for a long time.

Features of supreme money guns

Gold supreme money guns are an instant hit at any event. To tell the difference between a real vs fake supreme money gun, fake supreme money guns have much smaller and different screws on the battery when compared to authentic supreme money guns. The real supreme money gun consists of an outer gun casing, a cover that can be moved between open and closed positions and stores paper money therein, a conveyor that can be used to move the money stored under the cover out through a currency exit slot, and a tension plate that applies a resilient force to the money to press it against the conveyor. It can hold and shoot out over 100 dollar bills at a time and its strong motor ensures that they expel them, rapidly and without hesitation.

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