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Swimming pool

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About swimming pool

Is a portable swimming pool worth it, and how long do the pools last?

A portable swimming pool is worth depending on your needs and preferences. The inflatable and above-ground swimming pools are examples of portable pools that can be easily set up or taken down wherever needed. These container swimming pools are less expensive and require little space than a permanent in-ground swimming pool. They are an excellent option for people who want to set up a backyard swimming pool or kid’s swimming pool. The kid’s pool can also serve as a dog’s swimming pool if you own a pet.

The lifespan of the portable pools depends on the level of maintenance, care, and materials used. They are made as plastic swimming pools or durable alternatives such as PVC. In addition, the inflatable swimming pools are puncture resistant and can last for several years when handled with proper care and maintenance. The above-the-ground pool options use resin or metal. The portable pools are not for permanent installation. They should not be left exposed; instead, they should be taken down and stored for later use.

How do you handle water in an inflatable pool?

Handling water in your portable pool ensures the swimming pool’s longevity and the users’ safety. Set the pool on level ground and use the right swimming pool pump. The suitable pump filters, circulates and maintains the right pool’s chemistry. Add chemical and debris-free clean water. Skim the pool periodically to remove debris that can damage the pool. Purchase swimming pool supplies such as a swimming pool urine detector or test strips to check the water chlorine and PH level. Playing swimming pool games in untreated water is hazardous. Any pool, especially the plastic kiddie swimming pool, must be changed every 1-2 weeks to avoid health-related issues brought about by algae or bacteria.

Can you lay a portable pool on concrete?

It’s possible to lay a portable pool on concrete. However, be keen on the concrete surface condition to prevent punctures. Place a swimming pool liner or tarp to serve as a protective layer to protect it from sharp edges. The pool can get too hot if left out for too long in the sun. Consider using a shade to cool off the water.