About product and suppliers:
            At Alibaba.com you'll have a huge assortment of swimwear from which to choose. Whether you need bathing suits for women, men or children, there are thousands of suppliers offering a diverse selection to accommodate every taste.

The selection of women's swimwear includes one-piece and two-piece styles in regular fit and sexy skintight designs. You'll find women's swimwear with two shoulder straps, one strap and strapless. You'll also find swimsuit styles featuring a lowcut front, thong style bottom and whole-piece designs with v-neck and cut-outs at the waist. Additionally, there's men's waterproof beach trunks, classic bottoms and men's sling bathing suits as well. There are also bathing suits for kids in an assortment of whole-piece and two-piece styles. 

When it comes to shopping at Alibaba.com the search for the ideal swimming suit is made easy. Use the filter to narrow your search to include only the types of bathing suits that meet your specifications. Then, review each listing to see things such as the size, color choices and materials available. Besides, you'll learn valuable information about the supplier's history, certifications and the entire ordering process. This will include the quality checks, packaging used and the shipping options available to you. 

At Alibaba.com you'll find listings for men, women and children's swimwear in sizes ranging from regular to plus-size. You'll also rest assured that the swimwear manufacturers will make every effort to ensure that your plus-size swimwear arrives on time, in good condition and to your liking. Whether you're looking for one swimsuit for yourself or many for your shop, Alibaba.com has what you're looking for.