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        Q: If China attacked Taiwan, for what reasons is the US likely to intervene?
A: This issue is asked in the Taiwan section of YA ! . Thus , I assume it 's intentioned for people of Taiwan .   If a war broke out , Taiwan will combating back . There are 200K active responsibility military and 1.6M in reserves . Plus the too old 's calling back to responsibility - from age of five0 up to 7ty years of age male all served in the army . People can all shoot straight .   For two sides , there 's been billions of people loses their lives . There will is imperative economy set back . There will be environment disasters . There will be shortages of food , clean water , medicinal supplies . If any of Taiwan 's nuclear energy plants is harmed , there 's been enormous troubles in the region .   Really no we wish to see a war to happen .   And for what aim ? PRC CCP ca n't rule Taiwan unless they kill billions of persons who do n't are working with CCP . CCP is necessary for station several hundred thousands of military and party members in Taiwan to run things and wo n't are easily .   There will be volatility within PRC . Vietnam and Philippines will take islands of S. China Sea . India will do something at the border . North Korea will take a gamble to attack the South . Things can easily get out of hands .   United States assisted Taiwan in prior 3 Taiwan Strait crisis ( wiki to find detail ) . The latest one was in 1996 when Taiwan was having a chairmanial election and PRC fired rounds of projectiles across the Taiwan Strait .   Let hope is we have peace throughout the area . 

Q: What other name is Taiwan called by?
A: Yes , the Chinese name for the isle of Taiwan is Taiwan . Written in Chinese as 臺 灣/台灣/台湾 , it is pronounced the same as it is in English . 

Q: Why do people live in Taiwan?
A: People in Taiwan live all over . Most lives in housings , mainly gigantic apartment like buildings .