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        Q: What would be a good price for this carbon road bike?
A: I do n't mind down tubing shifter either so I would n't truly believing that as a bad thing , in particular for somebody like yourself who was no going 's using the bike to racing on a competitive level . I have a 1985 Fuji with downtube friction shifters and it 's perfectly fine for both commuting and 50+ mile recreational weekend and fitness rides . I would even consider using it in a racing that was no very competitive , so no problem on the shifters I think . Also , steel 're not a problem . Matter of fact , numerous people prefer a steel frame since it is smothers and absorbs the bumps better . So stell is also possible a benefit over aluminum , which are able been difficult ( but not always ) . Point is , a steel frame 're not necessarily a problem .   So what 's the problem ? Well , the very great and glaring the first is the frame sized . We 're all assumes that because you are a woman , you 're on the shorter side - shorter than five '' eleven or so . Have you test ridden the bike ? If so , was it more than just a ride in a parking lot ? Did you take it on a twenty or thirty minute ride wherever you can really see how it feels a little more ? Do you feel stretched out on it ? Are you reashing the handlebars comfortable , when you stand during the bicycle , do you have sufficient clearance ( at the very least 1 '' for absolute minimum ) ? To put it most directly , the firstly job of any bicycle shopping , usage or not , is to sized you up and give you alternatives of bicycles that fit you . That is rule numero uno ... period of time . Then , and ONLY subsequently , should they are starting with the type and brand of bicycles . To put it a different way , it 's much better to have a crappy bicycle that fits than a high end machine worth $ thousands that does n't . So fit is # 1 and that 's that . Sis they spend some time on looking at you with the bike and making convinced it fits ? If not , it may signal a problem with that shopping .   OK this is all my tirade about fit . But , assuming it does fit well , the following question is pricing . Well , I would have should be approved with the others that it does sound overpriced , even for a bicycle shopping ( as oposed to a private salespeople on Craigslist or something ) . I defrayed $ 225 for my 1985 Fuji espree . It has nearly a middle end bicycle in it is time - so despercent . I got it at a used bicycle shopping in an costly areas of the country where bicycle prices are high ( Boston ) . Was it worth the $ ? To me , completely . I ride the hell out of it and the united statese it frequently . I would n't go greater than $ 300 for the bike you 're considering , and that 's the very top and assuming everything is perfect with it and it fits to a tee . Many people required to buy other things to dial in the fit ( various sized stem for example ) . Again , I am in an costly areas of the country and am considering to purchase a 2003 middle end Trek bicycle with pleasant components , a carbon fork and seatstay , and other pleasant items , for $ 500 . You can get an entrance level brand name road bicycle in respectable bicycle stores for $ 700 and they will give you good servicing ( if not , leave and be somewhere else ) that concentrates on fit . Brand name does n't change anything . Alternatively , you are able verify Craigslist lists not exclusively locally , however , in other regions of the country in order to see if a analogous bicycle to yours is for sale by anybody and see what these people are asking . An older bicycle like the one you 're considering should truly have been high concluded with pleasant componen're trying justify a pricing of $ 400 .   I wish I could say it sounds like an OK dealing , but I do n't believe it does . But hey - this is not about what we want or what we believe right ? You are not was endeavouring to put a smiling on our faces ... if you wish it and believe it is worth your $ 400 was later maybe it was a great dealing . Just verify out some alternative ways and consider some of the believed that . It would be a disgrace to be devoted so much $ and later not ride the bike or not enjoy it since it does n't add up . Too numerous people do n't get into cycling , or remained into cycling for those reasons .   Best of luck . 

Q: Where to buy road bikes?
A: Jeff   That are in fact a quite good fit for you . I have included a frame sized site so you are able verify for your self . Just selecting road bicycle and complete the data .   http : //www.ebicycles.com/bicycle-tools/f ...   The bicycle looks to be in quite good shape . Gears all appears to be sharp and pointed , so not much riding done on it .   The tubes he contained a reference to are the internal tubes . They do't truly wear out ... . they give out or puncture . Punctures your repair with a patch kit ... . give out is usually a blow out or 'rot ' . In those case you are able buy a new tubing or $ 5 each .   The issuance is the pricing . For a genuinely clean bike you are able pay $ 200 . But $ 275 appears to be a bit much . Make him an offer . In the end - it 's your choice . It seemed like bicycle prices have just been an increase during the past year . What usage fucking cost $ 50 are currently $ 100 . What was $ 125 in now almost $ 300 ... . the world 's upside down I tell ya ' ... . : - )   Soccerref 

Q: Best road bike for under $1000? $750?
A: When you look intimately at the quality of a bicycle from a bicycle shopping & amp ; subsequently one from Wal-Mart , you 'll see an enormous variance . There was no any quality constructed into Wal-Mart bicycles . There 's no servicing after the sale . And there were no guarantee made a statement of . If something goes incorrect two to three months down the road , you are on your own .   The trader where I bought my Fuji literally bent over backwards making persuade the bicycle fit me perfectly . Even went so far as to swap out stems for a somewhat shorter one , at no charging . Do yourself a favour . Run away from discounting storing . Run to the very nearest bicycle shopping or stores . Compa couple of . A good , basic , entry level road bicycle can begin about $ 650 . http : //www.fujibikes.com/bike/details/sp ...