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        Q: Do you prefer soft serve ice cream or hard serve ice cream?
A: Soft serve ice cream . Hm , I want some now . : ^P 

Q: How do you get soft serve ice cream to swirl?
A: I remember when people would avoid me in lines since they wanted dignified manner ice cream cone and I sucked at it . So this situation is what a manager I and I did . We is passing through 10 cones in a row each day for practice . I was a pro after a whilst . My cones were awesome .   So remember practice makes progress ! And every time you 're working on yourself and are gentle and forgiving accept of your personal `` flaws '' subsequently you are able relax and learn . You are learning . Time takes time . Simple as that . You 'll solely learn this by doing it not by reading how it 's done . 

Q: Where do you get soft serve coconut ice cream?
A: -Soft serve ( also-called creemee or soft ice cream ) is a frozen dessert that is dispensed from a machine rather than being serviced by hand .  -Ice cream or ice-cream ( initially iced cream ) is a frozen dessert made from dairy product , such as dairy products and cream , amalgamated with flavorings and sweeteners , such as sugar , and viable other ingredients . This mixture is stirred slowly whilst refrigerating to avoid having huge ice crystals from forming ; the resultss is a smoothly textured ice cream .   Hope I helped !