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        Q: Questions about tea! please help me out!?
A: DOKUDAMI has both inhibitory and disinfectant properties . Its antimicrobial properties make it an magnificent defense agent against microorganisms ; clearing acne , eczema and other skin illnesses . Due to its high tiers of chlorophyll , DOKUDAMI is a strong blood detoxifier and alkalyzer . It also contains potent “ anti-aging ” properties directly connected to its advance tiers of supercharged anti-oxidant.s   DUKADAMI containing a hearty amount of fibre as well as all of the vital vitamins and minerals required for optimum health . It is wealthy in Calcium , Potassium , Vitamin C and Beta Carotene . Every serving contains Omega 3 and Omega six EFA 's , which are crucial for wholesome hearts and brain functioning . 

Q: How do you like you tea? sugar? milk? warm? boiling? sweeteners?
A: drink alchahol or smoke and tea is my thing I can say with authourity ...   Of all tea I do enjoy either a cup of Earl Grey or Wnglish Breakfast , Darjeeling is way to dry but Char be extremely pleasant , warming and spicy .   Anyway , I drop a tea bag in a bone china cup , has to be a bony china cup and I let it stew , I have n't got the sugar as it mis asking the tasting of the tea and I put the dairy in last so I can control ther strength of the tea .   Some say you are required put the dairy in first of all , but that 's an old maids tale , people solely put dairy in the cups first in to safeguard cheaper bone china lookalike cups from shattering through thermal shock ... So for me dairy goes in last .   I love tea ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Q: Best Snapple Iced Tea Flavor?
A: in SM . in their supermarketplace .   look around for the Oishi brand . they have raspberry-flavored iced tea .