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        Q: Making tea stained paper?
A: iron chelate or copper sulfate . Both not fully safe . Tea bags are easiest . 

Q: What is the difference between parchment and paper?
A: My sister and I both did this once . She 's doing it with regular white copy/computer paper , while being I did it with those manila file folders split in one-half which 's more time-consuming . You 'd presumably do this only if you ha the time , needed only a few slices of paper , and/or said you did n't anybody to assist in you .   Do this in your kitchen ! You take the paper in the sized that you need it . Dampen the paper ; we ha an enormous pan with about a one-half inch of water in it , and we 'd just submerge the paper in the water and let the excess drip off before gone on to the next part .   So , you have watery paper at this point . Good job . Now , turning on one of the stove 's burners and move the paper back and forth over it , letting some of the corners + edges get browned .   Once it is a small , parchmenty looking ( sort of light brownish/yellowish in places ) , take it away from the flame .   Take a tea bag ( yes , tea bag . Not tea leaves ) and dunk it in water till well , this is good and moist . Squeeze some of the excess out of it and later rub the paper with the tea bag . Do n't go in circles , although ; the path you take with the tea bag is the path that it will dry . And do n't press so hard that you rip the bag . You 'll presumably need at the very least two tea bags , although .   Now , leave the paper to dry . Repeat for as numerous slices of paper that you required , and allow them dry at the very least overnight . 

Q: Smoking a tea bag joint- Is it addicting? How to roll?
A: Yeah , but tea is in such little slices it might decline out . Just roll like a spliff or a roll your own cigarette ! Just tie the end so it does n't decline out . Remember 's using a filter or roach and clearly rizla 's or rolling papers