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Most vases are used to hold real or artificial flowers. But a teal vase can also double as a decorative piece inside your home, office, or place of business. Teal vase decor is popular in trendy, contemporary, and modern spaces, adding a pop of eye-catching color and personality.

Types of teal vases

Teal cases come in all shapes, sizes, and shades. Some teal vases are light in color and resemble aqua or turquoise, while dark teal vases are deeper and richer in color. These vases may be solid or translucent. Some teal vases also contain other accent colors like green or white or fade from turquoise into another solid color. In terms of size, large teal vases can hold multiple types of flowers, letting you display several bouquets simultaneously. A small teal vase is also known as a bud vase and is designed only to hold a single flower or a very small bouquet. You can also choose from short teal vases or tall teal vases depending on your preference, need, and the type of arrangement or items you want to display.

What shapes do teal vases come in?

Teal vases also come in a variety of shapes, depending on what you plan to fill them with. For example, a traditional bouquet vase or hourglass-shaped teal vase is perfect for displaying beautiful bouquets of flowers. Hourglass vases hold the stems of the flowers tightly together at the base while letting the flower tops fall naturally open at the top. A teal vase with flowers acts as the perfect centerpiece for any table or counter. You can also place a small teal vase and flowers on your bedside table or guest bedroom to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Other popular teal vase shapes include pedestal, bouquet, mason jar, cylinder, and trumpet. A teal bowl vase is shaped like a large serving bowl with a large opening at the top. These teal vases work well for displaying larger loose items like decorative balls, shells, or stones.

How tall or large should a teal vase be?

The size of the teal vase you choose depends primarily on what you plan to fill it with. If you’re using a tall teal vase for flowers, it should be between ⅓ and ½ the height of the flowers. This allows for the most attractive arrangement and display while also keeping the flowers healthy and well-watered. But not all vases contain flowers. There are plenty of other teal vase fillers to choose from. Other popular fillers include marbles, wine corks, shells, candles, and other colorful and decorative items. Translucent teal vases show off these items best.