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Super Hardness Anti-Scratch Screen Protector Up to 9H suface hardness, 3 times harder than PET screen protector, the screen will not get scratched even using hard object such as knife or keys. 9H Explosion-Proof Glass Screen Protector Material imported from Japan, steel processing, after eight hours to 9H hardness, effective in external force absorption. Anti Shatter Tempered Glass Film The glass screen protector will not broken into small piece with sharp edge.

We know quality is the point,we check tempered glass again one by one before shipping to get good feedback. We replace u new ones free if some pcs defective in shipping way. We send the samples to you after we get payment of shipping cost.

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Tempered glass is manufactured in two ways: thermal tempering and chemical toughening process. Thermal tempering subjects the glass to high heat levels and lets it cool off. This method is used to manufacture simple and less complex tempered glass screen protectors. This glass is a very important phone accessory.

Tempered glass comes in an array of modules to suit various client demands. They are equipped in circumstances where thermal resistance, safety and strength are all special considerations. Unlike normal glass, they break in rounded chunks, not large sharp pieces, hence they pose a minimal threat to clients and their surroundings at large. The tempered glass screen protector absorbs external shocks that may pose a threat to the original commodity's glass, thus providing the necessary protection to the glass surface.

Mobile tempered glass is used largely by the mobile phone industry to protect the screen from damage in case it falls on a hard surface. These screens are also extensively used in recreational areas such as bars and restaurants in place of normal glass, since even when broken, they can't be used as weapons and cause actual harm to users or surroundings. Tempered glass is also used in households and vehicles. The 3D varieties of this glass add glamour and style to most screens. All these hardened glasses can be found at Alibaba.com

These products come in various colors and designs that will help suit client preferences. For more information on the various tempered glass selections, inquiries and ordering, visit Alibaba.com. The screens are not only aesthetic but equally functional. Screen protection is considered rather important for mobile phones. The 3D tempered glass adds glamour and style to most screens.