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The word Teppanyaki is derived from two Japanese words: “teppan”, which refers to the metal plate where one can cook, and “yaki”, which means broiled, pan-fried, or grilled. Thus, Teppanyaki refers to any dish, shrimp, steak, eggs, and many more, that has been cooked using a teppan. Teppanyaki tables, also known as Teppanyaki grills, are commonly found in most Japanese restaurants. They usually propane-heated long flat surfaces of metal surrounded by chairs where guests and diners are seated in a row. This way, they can see and view the food being cooked right in front of them.

What is a Teppanyaki table grill, and why should restaurants buy one?

Diners nowadays visit restaurants for two things—the food and the experience. Installing Teppanyaki tables in restaurants allow diners to get both the fun and the food. Having them around adds creativity to food preparation as it also serves as entertainment for those waiting in line to be served. Moreover, because Teppanyaki tabletops are installed in an open area where guests can see, it provides hygiene assurance as they can see how food is being prepared and cooked until the time it is served on their tables. Often, these grills also come in large Teppanyaki grills allowing them to cater to a large number of dishes. Whether it is meat, seafood, and even vegetables, Teppanyaki countertops can cater to them all.

Why buy a Teppanyaki table for home?

Home Teppanyaki table is a smart way to level things up in one’s home. Aside from the creativity that it offers to guests and visitors. It also offers an efficient and easier way of cooking without having to spend so much money on energy. Electric Teppanyaki tabletop grills only contain one heat source, which results in requiring little to less energy compared to other cooking equipment. Likewise, home Teppanyaki tables are great space savers as they can be used for cooking, heating, and even as an extra workspace because of their flat surface. Lastly, these Teppanyaki tables are made chemical-free, which makes them easier to clean without triggering any chemical reaction.