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        Q: How do i take care of my curly hair?
A: Well i have super curly hair and it usage to be really bad and tangled but now its just fine : ) so here be a few things i did .   1. get a big square brush , Bedhead brand thereforelely this will leave your hair looking smooth !   2. go to your local targeting , walmart , etc.. and look for John Frieda frizz-ease smooth starting shampoo and conditioner buy it and the united statese it .   3. wash your hair every other day because i did n't dry it out .   4. if you wan na wear you hair curly plan it the previous day and wash you hair that night subsequently brush it ( Do n't blow dry it ! ! ! ) and braid it moist make persuade the brassistance is tight ! subsequently the following day put some hairspray or product in it and you will have beach curls   5. do n't brush it dried unless you use the Bedhead Brand brush . or your hair will be really badly puffy..   6. you should n't blow dry it , and if you do , do it far away from you hair or on low  Good luck : D 

Q: Faster Hair Growth for Asian Guys?
A: If you suffers from any hair problem –be it hair losses , sluggish hair growth , harmed hair , frizz , splitting ends this will assist you  You wili 'm finding below a recipe for getting wholesome hair . I wish to say that no matter your hair issuance , you have it because you suffers from unhealthy hair  So it makes sense that wholesome hair will be hair free of Hair losses , breakages , splitting terminates , point is sluggish increased hair all originating from unhealthy hair . So use the next one cures to get wholesome hair .  You will wish to get around 2 cups of Hibiscus leaves . Then simply grind the hibiscus leaves with some two cups of Amla fruit . When you 're done take the pasting and massage your scalp with it . Allow the mixture to sit on your hair for several hours and later wash it out . Do this twice a week  Next you will wish to use some eggs . Eggs are so potent for your hair  Simply take an egg and beating it . Add one tablespoon of virgin coconut petroleum to this mixture and bet it some more . Take the mixture and now massage this onto your scalp and hair . Let it sit for one hour pernd subsequently with it out with a herbal shampoo . This egg mask will make your hair fall stop . It is messy however , well worth the pricing to pay off .  Now make used of this egg mixture twice week and your hair will be egg softer , stronger and thicker .  However in my opinions the most suitableest way to be addressed your hair is 's using herbal hair oils . The one I use is Mira hair petroleum it has all the herbs that are able help growth wholesome hair accordance with Arjuveda The bestest way to make used of this Ayurvedic petroleum are applicable it onto your scalp and later leave it in for one hour pernd subsequently wash it out .  Do this twice a week and there you have it  Hope this assistances you 

Q: How do I get my hair like this?
A: Here is my proposal , First washing and condition hair , towel dry and later put a lighting leave in conditioner and a light volumizing mouse , beginning at the roots and work your way down , turn your hair over and blow dried just to the point of it being dried but nevertheless a bit humid , Take an enormous roller and roll in a spiral pattern ( if you wan the spiral look- if not go in regular curling pattern if you wish that look ) spray the hair with a volumizing lighting hold hairspray and let the curls established in the rollers whilst you do makeup reading a zine , play onComputerr- Ialwayss let subsequently remained in forat the very leastt 45Min'ss was later I shoot them with a low setting on my hair drier for several minutes and add a small little bit more light hold hair spraying just b/c my hairdoesn'tt hold a curl well.. Then slowly and gently remove the rollers from your hair in the shape you want the curl to come out , like if you do the spiralunwrapp from therollerr in a spiral . now take your fingers and pull it through the curls to loosen themupo a bit - but be gentle and prudent turn your head upside down again and mess up lightly with fingers was later spraying ended . You could also use huge hot rollers , and if you are ablet afford rollers ordon'tt have any , used used bathroom paper tubes , these people are he perfect sized and form and cheap ! ! Simply keep closed with bobby pins !