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        Q: Thermal Break Material - thermal insulator for fire damper?
A: The term thermal insulation can refer either to materials employed to reducing the rates of heating transferring , or the methodologies and processes employed to decrease heating transferring . Heat energy is feasible to transferred by conduction , convection , radiation . Thermal insulation prevents heating from fleeing a container or from penetrating a container . In other words , thermal insulation can keep an enclosed area as a building warm , or it is able keep the inside of a container colder . Insulators 's use to minimise that transfercircle of heating energy . In hobe utilized insulation , the R-value is indicative of how well a material insulates . The flow of heating is feasible to be reduced by addressing one or more of the 3 mechanisms in order to heating transferring and are dependent upon the physical properties of the material implement to do this .   Thermal Insulation in buildings is an important factor towards achieving thermal comfort for its occupiers . Insulation reduction undesirable heating losses or gain and can decline the energy demanding of heat and refrigerating systems .   While most of insulation in buildings is for thermal purposes , the term is also applicable to acoustic insulation , fire insulation , and effects insulation ( e.g . for vibrations generated by industrial apps ) . Often an insulation material will be opted for its capacity to perform various of such functions at once .    These may help as well :   http : //www.ornl.gov/sci/roofs+walls/insu ...   http : //www.ehow.com/home-insulation/   http : //www.school-for-champions.com/scie ... 

Q: What is a thermal insulator?
A: See in  http : //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_insulator  http : //www.crystexllc.com/new/index.php ? src=overture & amp ; OVRAW=best percent 20thermal percent 20insulator & amp ; OVKEY=thermal percent 20insulator & amp ; OVMTC=advanced 

Q: Where can you find thermal insulation?
A: Thermal insulators have isolating capacity . This mean thatthey do not have any aspect that allow them to be performed thermalenergy .