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Inverter AC DC Pulse Tig Welder 200A Aluminum Welding Machine All the welding machine we use best components as below: AC DC Pulse Tig Welder inside detail: Famous Supplier That We Cooperated: Our Welding Machine Details Compared with Others: AC DC Pulse Tig Welder Package: Our Container Loading Photos: Our Corporate Images: Our Production Line: Canton Fair: Certificates: AC DC Pulse Tig Welder Specifications: Features: * Quality square wave power supply,stable arc * AC/DC convert switch,Foot padel controller connection facility for welder's operation * With PWM pulse width modulation technology,HF arc starting,stable current,the first choice for thin plate welding * Over-voltage and over-current automatic protection * Mainly used in welding aluminum,carbon steel,stainless steel and alloy steel and copper, etc Main Technical specifications MODEL AC/DC TIG200P AC/DC TIG315P Power voltage(v) Single phase AC230V±10% Three phase AC380V±10% Frequency(Hz) 50/60 Rate input power(KVA) 6.2 9 Output current(A) 10-200 20-315 Rated output voltage (V) 18 22.6 No-load voltage(V) 60 Duty cycle(%) 60 Efficiency(%) 85 Power factor 0.8 Protection grade IP21 No-load loss(w) 40 Weight(kg) 23 32 Dimension of machine(mm) 470*310*430 550*350*530

2.Compact,portable,highly effective and low consumption,energy saving. 3.Anti-stick,thermostatic control,fan cooled,carring strap and handle. Q3:How can I visit there9 A:You can fly to Taizhou airport, Ningbo airport or Shanghai air port.

Q2. Can I be your sale agent in our market9 A: Why not, Email me now if you are interested. Q4. What will your company do for the warranty9 A: All the goods are 100% quality testing before shipping. During the warranty period,if goods have any quality problem without any human factors, we’ll send parts for your repair and replace.

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Buy. tig pulse at Alibaba.com for use in several industries, such as aerospace, railway, automobile, construction, shipping and manufacturing. Metals are used in literally every sphere of our lives and welding is necessary for them to be shaped as needed. This is where the. tig pulse come in, which produce clean and accurate welds on any metal.

You can choose from an assortment of. tig pulse at Alibaba.com and get an optimal shopping experience. Tungsten inert gas welding, also referred to as TIG or gas tungsten arc welding uses a tungsten electrode that isn't consumed during the reaction. It's a type of arc welding process, meaning it uses electricity to weld metals. These welders can be used on various metal surfaces, including steel, bronze, copper, aluminum and gold. It only requires argon for all cases and can weld in any position: flat, vertical or overhead. These welders produce ideal welds without any sparks, spatter, smoke, fumes, flux or slag.

Compared to MIG or metal inert gas welders, which are very similar in principle to. tig pulse, they require more time. Users must also have higher technical skills to use it properly. But this also means that it produces stronger and more precise welds that are more controlled and are very pleasing to the eye.

Purchase any type of. tig pulse you want here and get your products from trusted sellers, suppliers and manufacturers. They are perfect for welding on any metal according to your needs. For a one-stop solution to all your needs, look no further than Alibaba.com for premium products and affordable rates.