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        Q: Would a tiger win if it was fighting a jaguar?
A: Tigers are predators of enormous strength , and 'd kill the gorilla , mainly due to the tiger 's agility . Tigers 're not found in Africa anyhow . 

Q: I need help with this white tiger dream please.?
A: I ha to reading and answer this dreaming because I ha a dreaming about a white tiger last night .   I will deal with the symbols in order of appearance .   The home generally represents your body . The toys are challenging , it is contingent upon the toy . If the toys were dolls , they have been able to represent people or past lives , or things that interest you or you 're playing with . On the shelf means access to you . Things that 're yours . The other kids , can represent new ideas or concepts . Not defraying attention ? Are you closed minded to a new idea in your own life ? There are are a few of ways and means to approach the tigers . The tigers , constitute annimals instincts inside us . Or , the tigers represent real people in your own life , or is also possiblecome part of your own life . My firstly reply to the dreaming , was that there exist a man in your own life who is married , or got married , or that you may wish to consider marrying or mating with . Or , you could be the white tiger with pink ribbon . The bicycle means iss a balancing vehicle , motorcycle means male balancing . But he turned to you when the white tiger leapt out . So you are able be the white tiger . Are one considersing be married ? Another relation is that you and the white tiger rider together on the motorcycle/bike . When you 're seeing yourself in the married situation , it irritates you , maybe you do not want to be a bride . But when the man was leaving the home , it annoyed the white tiger , maybe you wishes to to be married . There is also possible conflicting feeling about be married . So you look inside yourself and your knowledge reflect further and get reply , the grocery store . The store is accrued knowledge . When you 're learning the system things , you feed yourself info . Learning is consuming or eating . After visiting your internal wisdom , you be coming back to the home , yourself , and rest , or find comfort with the tiger . The , relations filling with emotion , or water , and flood , and you get support from the tiger , you ride it , or it transports you .   How do you feel , or what do you think of when you think of white tigers ? Do you revear them ? Are they a holy animal to you ? Tigers in the real world , may mate for life , I am not convinced .   The irritation of the bride on the motorcycle you saw , and you laughed , may means that you do n't take the irritation too harshly , you are able laugh it off or dealt with it .   If I ha to guess , I 'd say you could be be married . Or , you could to be involved with someone who is married , that maybe it is considering a divorce , but I would n't count on it .   Try are commemorating what the toys were , how they relate .   You also appear to seek emotive supporting from the relationshipsship .   All of this could also means you have a wish to getting married , but the idea may also annoy you .