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Find wholesale timer 20 minutes for incredible deals here on Alibaba.com. Technology has given us lighter, more reliable, and just generally far better ways to tell and keep time. Even so, it is virtually impossible for us human beings to escape the attraction of the so-called good old days. There is just always a ready market for all things “classic,” which pervades almost all of the things we buy.

timer 20 minutes is a tool that gives us a satisfying glimpse into the past. It is also known as the sand clock, hourglass, sand timer, or glass timer. They are accurate enough to keep time as a timer, but their main use nowadays is as a decorative piece, desktop decoration, or just a very fascinating toy. They can keep time from the low minutes and are usually employed to track time for games. Some examples of these start from the 1-minute sand timer, 2-minute sand timer, 5-minute sand timer, and go all the way up to the 1-hour hourglass and 24-hour hourglass.

Magnetic hourglasses and magnetic sand timers are just simple hourglass timers that have a magnet inserted and hidden at the base. The magnet does not affect the timing but because of its presence at the bottom, the iron particles form very interesting shapes and figures. Other interesting types of timer 20 minutes are the gold hourglass, black sand hourglass, and cremation hourglass. The latter is a profound way of honoring a loved one who has passed, while also a sobering reminder for us that life and time passes by so quickly; that we should make every moment count. Filter through our massive selection of timer 20 minutes and enjoy great deals and prices.