About products and suppliers:
Finding the right tools for any job is easy with the vast selection available on Alibaba.com. There's equipment for those working on their own projects at home, as well as for contractors and other professionals. Build a new home from the ground up or demolish and renovate an existing one. Other jobs may be simple fixes, but they still need the right tools to be completed correctly and safely.

Alibaba.com offers many types of small hand tools such as scrapers to remove paint and wallpaper and others to put grout between tiles. Caulking guns are useful in creating water- and air-proof seals. Other basic tools include everyday workhorses such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers in numerous sizes and varieties. Use saws and hammers to work with wood and other materials. A hand tool kit may contain multiple types in a set or have the same tool with interchangeable heads or other pieces.

When the task requires something heavy-duty, consider corded or battery-powered cordless power tools. Smooth down rough edges with sanders and grinders. Cut channels through wood with a router, makes angled cuts with a table saw and get through materials easily with a drill or a rotary hammer. Many battery-powered power tools from the same manufacturer often use the same type of battery for added ease and convenience.

Alibaba.com not only has many tools to choose from but also handy accessories. A magnetic wrist band keeps small tools and hardware secure and within reach while leaving hands free. Tool chests and tool boxes store and organize collections of all sizes. There are also specialized pieces of equipment for working with electrical or data cabling such as a wire stripper or a network crimping tool.