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Toy vending machines offer excitement and intrigue to players of all ages. Kids and adults alike love novelty vending machines filled with toys, stuffed animals, candy, and other gadgets. The mystery of wondering what toy the machine will dispense is enough to keep people coming back for more time and again.

What is a capsule vending machine?

One of the most popular type of toy vending machine is known as a capsule vending machine. This phrase is used to describe any vending machine that dispenses small toys or trinkets in plastic capsules. Most plastic capsules are between 1 and 2 inches in size and accommodate 1 inch vending machine toys. Large capsule vending machines feature much larger capsules that can hold bigger prizes ranging from plush toys to balls and even electronics.

How large are commercial toy vending machines?

Most vending machines share the same dimensions and stand approximately 72 inches tall, 32 inches deep, and 47 inches wide. They also feature a clear plastic or glass front, allowing viewers to see the available prizes inside. Some capsule vending machines for sale are much smaller and only take a single US quarter to operate. These machines measure approximately 12 to 18 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 24 to 36 inches long and are placed on a pedestal or stacked on top of one another. These toy vending machines often dispense stickers, small bouncy balls, and other pocket-sized trinkets. Before purchasing a capsule vending machine for sale on, be sure to measure the storage or display area to guarantee a perfect fit.

What is a candy vending machine toy?

Commercial-sized candy vending machines are often seen in hotels, hospitals, rest areas, and other businesses. These large vending machines allow users to purchase a variety of candy bars, gum, and other treats for a pre-determined and displayed price. Candy machine toys, on the other hand, are smaller-scaled vending machines that are used for fun, not profit. These mini vending machines can be purchased as children’s toys or for fundraising events and filled with a variety of candy and prizes.

After the money is entered, the candy vending machine toy will dispense the candy at the bottom of the machine. The money is dropped into a container inside the unit which can then be removed and reused again. Users can choose their favorite variety of candy and have hours of fun placing money in the slot and waiting to see which type of candy they get.