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A trigger sprayer is used for dispensing different types of liquids. It works well with more watery substances as opposed to thick and sticky liquids. The trigger spray nozzle itself is separate from a trigger spray bottle. When the nozzle is used to seal the trigger sprayer bottle, the user can squeeze the lever and dispense its liquid contents through a spraying mechanism. The fine mist that a trigger sprayer produces when used is what makes it useful for gardening and tending to plants. This is especially for plants that require delicate attention and are not predisposed to receiving large amounts of water. The slight dampness that a trigger sprayer offers is what helps the plant thrive better.

A trigger sprayer is made from durable plastic material

Chemical-resistant sprayers may be used to spray out floor cleaners, liquid detergents, and glass cleaners. Despite such chemical liquids containing strong chemicals, the plastic of the trigger sprayer bottles will not melt or break apart. PET plastic is what makes a chemical-resistant spray bottle. A chemical-resistant trigger sprayer can also be used to spray pesticides on crops, flowers, and other plants. People who work in the laundry business use it to dispense fabric conditioners onto clothing as well.

Certain trigger sprayer models can also be used to create liquid foam

A foaming trigger sprayer is often used for dispensing face wash and hand soap. When the lever is squeezed by the user, the liquid inside the foaming trigger spray bottle gets lathered up to create suds and bubbles as it gets sucked up to the nozzle. The result is a white foamy substance that is dispensed onto the user's hands. Usually, people buy the foam trigger sprayer nozzle after they purchase their desired soap or facial cleanser. They can either replace the nozzle of the original product with the foam trigger nozzle or transfer the contents into an entirely new foam trigger spraying bottle.