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Agriculture fertilizers triple super phosphate /grey granular TSP 46% Product Name: Triple Super Phosphate Formual:65996-95-4 Type: 2-5mm granular Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) is a kind of high concentration, high water-soluble organic phosphorus, the effective phosphorus content is 2.5-3.0 multiple of Single Super Phosphate (SSP). TSP Delivery: Within two week after confirm order,Some products can be supplied within 7days. TSP Stroage: Kept airtightly in a light-proof, dry and cool place.

TSP triple phosphate TSP fertilizer Triple Superphosphate 1. Specification Product Name Triple Super Phosphate(TSP) MODEL NO TSP46 CAS NO 65996-95-4 HS Code 310310100 EINECS NO 266-030-3 Formular Ca(H20P4)2.CAHPO4 Index Standards Test Result Total P2O5 46%min 46.88% Water soluable P2O5 37%min 38.70% Moisture 5%max 1.78% Free Acid 5%max 3.78% Availble P2O5 44%max 44.56% Size (1-4.75mm) 90%min 98%

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Purchase top-quality triple super phosphate from Alibaba.com at affordable prices. Phosphorus is a vital nutrient necessary for plant growth. Often, the soil contains an insufficient amount of fertilizers. Shop for triple super phosphate to aid in the optimum development of plants, and choose from a vast selection of products at great deals and discounts.

There are many varieties of triple super phosphate available on Alibaba.com. The most common types are monoammonium phosphates and diammonium phosphates. There are also single superphosphates, triple superphosphates and ammonium polyphosphate liquids. Other phosphorus fertilizers commercially available include phosphoric acid, nitric phosphates and calcium orthophosphates. Different brands have instructions for optimal use and if spread accordingly, can aid in better plant growth.

triple super phosphate are essential for healthy plant growth. Without phosphorus, plants are less likely to produce flowers. They will often have stunted growth and weak root systems and exhibit an unhealthy purplish or bright green color. The phosphorus found in fertilizers aids in the maturation of a plant and the development of seeds, fruits and roots. It is also a necessary nutrient for the plant to store or transfer energy throughout its body. For the farmers who prefer early harvests, phosphorus in fertilizers is beneficial as it promotes the early maturity of crops.

Browse a wide variety of triple super phosphate options at Alibaba.com. These fertilizers are important for the holistic development of plants. They supplement the growth of flowers, seeds, roots and fruits. They also promote plant maturity and ensure a stronger and healthier crop. Purchase top-notch products at affordable prices for thriving gardens and farms.