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A trophy is an essential component when planning competitive events. Winners are usually awarded custom plaques and tokens to acknowledge their extraordinary talent and skills shown during the competition. Sometimes, even the losers of the event receive trophies as well. This is especially the case for school events that are attended by very young children and toddlers. A participation trophy is given out to each child to still make them feel special despite losing.

A trophy can be personalized according to the specific events being held

People who are trophy-hunting will usually want something that they can easily customize to match the competition that they are planning out. For example, a Super Bowl trophy will look very different from a standard children's soccer trophy awarded to young soccer league players. Playing in the National Football League will constitute a unique trophy design for the recipient since it is a large-scale institution catered for American football only. The same idea goes for an Oscar trophy and a World Cup trophy, as movies and international football are contrasting industries. The former has an iconic silhouette of a person standing up, while the latter is in the shape of a football propped up by a hand.

A trophy can be bought from various gift shops

A trophy shop is usually found at shopping centers. People may go through the catalog of trophy designs and choose which one they want to buy. The trophies can even be ordered in bulk for bigger events and competitions. Most people like to design one-of-a-kind trophies for their events. A custom trophy can be crafted with a special shape, color, material, and label. Apart from the common gold trophies, it is also possible to get trophies made from glass, silver, and copper. The trophies can also be in different shapes and sizes. Big trophies are generally used for top awards, while small trophies are given as consolation prizes.