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        Q: How long should you thaw a 4 pound turkey?
A: The bestest way to thaw it 's in the fridge . Figure 1 day for each 4-5 pounds of turkey , so it should take 5-six days to thaw out a 25-pound turkey . 

Q: How do you cook a 14 lb turkey overnight?
A: Seriously got ta try Alton Brown 's brined turkey recipe ! ! See it at --  http : //www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/good-eats-roast-turkey-recipe/index.html PLAN A : A couple years ago , I was put in charging of doing the turkey for Thanksgiving , and I was thus paranoid about it coming out 'perfect ' that I has refused to buy one of those frozen , pre-marinaded Norbest or Butterball turkeys ... which always come out somewhat dried and blase . This ha to be a year are commemorating ! ! Anyway , after days of online research ( literally ! ! ) , I ended up at the Good Eats website , which is so useful b/c you are able actually is monitoring the episode ( s ) in which Alton Brown explains his turkey recipe ! I followed the recipe to the 'T ' and it 's fantastic ... not sweet , though some of the ingredients led me to believe that it is perhaps ... it 's perfectly savory and delicious . A lot of was said it 's the most suitableest turkey they 'd ever ha ( and my family does not hand out compliments readily ! ! ) , and I ha should be approved ... every part of the bird is very well-cooked , yet SUPER moist and 10dering ... even the breast meat ! ! PLAN B : If you are not into brining , or you have n't got the means or inclination be purchased a fresh turkey , or you already have a frozen one that are waiting to be cooked ... go forwards and use the Butterball/Norbest , but make convinced to make/use the `` turkey triangle '' that Alton Brown negotiations concerning in his show . Due to popular demand -- and absence of any other voluntary -- I ended making the turkey again last year , but ha a big case going to trial so I truly did NOT 've got the time to be concerned about brining , etc . I just usage a $ 3 Butterball on sale at the grocery store , upholstered the blanched apple , onion and herbs inside , and implemented the turkey triangle . Voila ! A lot of people still remarked that it 's humid and flavorful ... and the majority people ( darn my non-discriminating-palatted family ) was n't able even remember the previous year 's turkey enough to make a fair comparison . Oh well . I still believes the brined turkey was THE BEST turkey ever ... however , it 've got a lot of work . So if you believe your family can tell the variance , or you only want to make the most suitableest turkey you are able ever have in your own life was later go for PLAN A . If not , go with PLAN B . 

Q: How long to fry a turkey?
A: The answering depending on how big your turkey is . Assuming you have your petroleum up to temperature ( 350 degrees ) , its 3 - four minutes per pound . So for a twelve pound turkey ( anything greater than this situation is really hard to do , its much more difficult to put and eliminates the turkey from the profound fryer , its difficult to find a deep fryer huge sufficiently , etc . ) its around 40-5 minutes . The turkey will come out of the petroleum a darker brown colour than you 've ever seen on an furnace roasted turkey , and it will 've got the most astonishing delicious odour you has ever had from a turkey !