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        Q: What is the armor in Minecraft?
A: Armor durability is various for each armour type . That is crucially the gist of it . If you 're wearing a complete set of leather armour , you 're protection against the same amount of harm you would be given if you wore full diamonds armor instead . If you have 10 armour points , which are the small icons to the right of your health was later you will be given 80 per cent protect from any damage . Now , the crucial to all materials in Minecraft is durability . A complete set of leather armour can safeguard you for the same amount as a diamond set at full 10 points , but the leather armour degrades very speedily , in contrast to the diamond armour . Below 's a listing of the armour types and their durabilities . Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond Helmet . thirty-four . sixty-eight . 67 . 136 . 272 . Chestplate . forty-nine . ninety-six . ninety-six . 192 . 384 . Leggings . forty-six . 92 . 92 . 184 . 368 . Boots . 40 . eighty . seventy-nine . 160 . 320 . Now , say you jump off a cliff and get hit for 5 hearts of harm . Now if you was wearing armor at 10 armour points , that reduction the hit you take by 80 per cent . So you solely lose 1 heart . Now , the way durability is subtracted is by taking the basis hit , which is 5 , and doubling it . We subsequently take 10 durability points from each piece of armour we wore . So if you 're wearing full leather , you 're now of reduced a twenty-four helmet , a thirty-nine chestplate , a thirty-six leggings , and a 30 boots . Now your total armour points are 7.6 , which gets rounded up to 7.5 . Now the next hit you take worth 5 hearts will solely safeguard you for sixty percent . The next leap will hurt you for 2 hearts . Every armour point reduces harm by 8 percent , one-half points 4.0 per cent . So As you are able see , the more advantageous armour 's going to be the one that holds the most senior armour points for the longest , aka Diamond armour . 

Q: Best armor in oblivion?
A: ( Light Armor Option ) If you specialized in light armour the full glass armour 's the best.If you have enlargement packing Kevening of the Nine the crusader armour 's the best.And if you have Shivering Isles the most suitableest armour 's perfect amber set . ( Heavy Armor Option ) If you specialized in heavy armour the full daedric armour 's the best.But if you 've got the enlargement packing Shivering Isles the most suitableest armour 's perfect madness armour . Therefore bestest light armour is Perfect Amber Armor Set . Therefore bestest heavy armour is Perfect Madness Armor Set . heck no dude not PERFECT MADNEES ITS GRAND MADNESS ARMOR ITS UNLOCKED AFTER LVL nineteen AND BEETING THE MYSTRY QUEST U HAVE TO DO IN SHIVERING ISLE SO GRAND MADNESS IS THE BEST HEAVY ARMOR BTW ITS REALLY HEAVY the most suitableest armour was here that you enchant your armour with camelon on five various slices i believed it is dependent what level you 're , if ur like lvl 60 or more ... the defence of some armour 's like 18 , iof u are lvl twelve or something , the amor defence -rrb- like 5 or six 

Q: On skyrim the steel plated armour...?
A: i recall on the quest to retrive the elder scrolling from a dwarven `` temple ? '' i found two raiders deep down in the mine , a male and a female , they will attack you on sight , the woman has a complete set of steel plate , save for the helmet , i belive you are able find one before in the dwarvin mine , temple thing .