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About products and suppliers:

One of the greatest and most amazing innovations in recent years is USB cables. These devices allow data to be gathered, transferred and stored from one device to the other easily anywhere and anytime as long as there are compatible devices available. Alibaba.com has a vast selection of these data cables that come in different lengths, colors, speeds and styles. 

Most USB data cables connect computer units directly to peripheral devices such as camcorders, printers, scanners, cameras and mobile phones. Some of them are made with nickel-plated connectors, aluminum alloy cases and braided nylon brackets to provide more vital protection and flexible performance without any potential breakage. The majority of the USB cables on Alibaba.com are widely compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 peripherals such as Xbox gaming consoles, keyboards, scanners, PlayStations, USB flash drives and more devices. The cable's main objective is to effectively and quickly transfer and gather data from one device to the next.

These data cables can be used as charging data cables for mobile phones and other chargeable devices. Most of them support 5Gbs super high-speed charging and data transfer. They have a standard pull-up resistor that provides a safer charging current to protect mobile devices. Some of these mobile data cables have an additional spring added to the cord to reduce fraying and improve bending for premium durability. Some of them are long enough for daily life and office use. Say goodbye to those more extended squeezes and uncomfortable positions caused by short cables.

Alibaba.com has USB cables made with premium quality materials for longer life. Buyers should contact suppliers on this site and have these products shipped to them anywhere. Transfer data effectively and safely from one device to another with these fine products.