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        Q: How do I jump to the fourth chandelier in Vampire's Curse Island?
A: There are 4 close to the ceiling in the castle library , above the fireplace . Push the rolling ladder over to left hand bookcase to climb to the ledge and achieve the firstly chandelier . You can light it using a candle from the fireplace . To light the other 3 , bring another candle up every time and light it from the firstly chandelier . There are four chandelier 's , and they everybody is to be lit whilst you 're in the castle on Vampires Curse 

Q: How do you light the chandeliers on Vampire's Curse Island?
A: When you drop down from the top , go to the right till you 're seeing a ladder . Jump to the rights side of this ladder , and push it all the path to left hand of the room . Climb up to the top of the ladder , and you will be on a platform , high at the top of the room . Also , if you 're wanna to light them , take a candle from the fireplace , light it in the fire was later very rapidly jump up the ladder and onto the platform was later lastly onto the chandelier himself . it will automatically light . Go back down to the fireplace and grab another candle , but do not light it . Carry it up to the firstly chandelier , and light it on that . Then , just leap to your rights onto the second chandelier and it will light that one automatically as well . Continue doing this , lighting the candle on the last chandelier you switched on ( First round- lighting on fire , 2nd round- lighting on 1st chandelier , third round- lighting on 2nd chandelier , 4th and last round- lighting on third chandelier . ) 

Q: A cool candle chandelier?
A: You can find a candle chandelier at retail storing such as Lowe 's or IKEA . You can also find a candle chandelier on-line at websites such as Amazon and eBay .