About products and suppliers:
Alibaba.com offers new and used concrete mixers that perform with utmost efficiency. They come in a large variety of models such as normal concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, concrete trucks and concrete pumps. The mixing powers of the used mixers range from 5.5 kilowatts for the large models to 500 watts for small varieties. Used portable concrete mixers are suitable for construction projects that require varieties of motor mixing, concrete mixing and for industrial mixing and agricultural forage stirring of seed powders.

Many vendors offer these used concrete mixers with standard or extended warranties. Most of them have high operating efficiencies. Depending on the model and size, they can come with motors ranging from 5 kilowatts to 11 kilowatts. Their productivity is stated as cubic meter of concrete they can mix per hour. Alibaba.com offers used portable concrete mixers that are durable and can perform their functions at maximum efficiency. Buyers can select from variable charging and output capacities. Typical input capacity of the mixers ranges from 350 to 500 liters. 

Buyers have a choice of the colors and prints on these mixers. Used concrete mixers usually come with core components such as motors and gearboxes that are highly energy efficient. This ensures that they consume a minimum amount of fuel when operating. Used portable concrete mixers are also available. Most of them are simple to operate and make a minimum amount of noise when operating.

Buy used concrete mixers online at Alibaba.com. Both portable and electric options are available. Many vendors also offers wholesale and bulk pricing options.