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        Q: What underwear style should guys wear?
A: What was currently underwear ! lol    Merry Christmas ! 

Q: Why do men wear underwear ?
A: Why do people have to wear underwear ?   Dear Reader ,   They do n't . Well , perhaps there exist some places , cultures , and religions that require wearing some kind of undergarments , but opportunity are that you are speak about the anticipation that we all don briefs , bras , boxers , pants , jocks , thongs , and what have you .   Underwear provides us with the breasts , buttocks , and penis with supporting , chafing protect , and sweating absorption , and assistances keep outerwear free of small and medium-sized enterpriseslls and stains from stray excretions . It 's feasible that breasts , buttocks , and genitalia free to frolic and feel around inside shirts and pants can result in some excitation for you and those in your vicinity . An extra underwear obstacle between our `` private parts '' and the outside world may satisfy some who would rather not reminds us of of , or get everywhere closes , that stuff . Indeeds , accordance with Elaine Benson and John Esten 's book , Unmentionables : A Brief History of Underwear , undies — in particular for women — were develops , in part , as a Victorian was endeavouring to control and hide genitalia and physique . All the baby speaking nicknames that continues to be replace for underwear — scanties , snuggles , skivvies , and smalls , to name a few more — is a further indication of our ongoing discomfort with the content of our underclothes .   So , will you do time if nothing comes between you and your Calvins ? Ironically , Mr. Klein may not want you known better this , but 's going on without his or anyone else is when out and approximately 's wholesome ( barring some of the `` side effects '' cited before ) , liberating , and yes , sexy . Because there was this widely shared belief that underwear ought to be worn at all times — even when sleeping — not conforming can feel daring , `` hazardous , '' empowering , and thus , a turn-on . Now , if you 're starting to rubbing up against inhabitants of the position office , or proudly pitching tents at the railway station , your newfound freedom has derailed and may land your bare *** in prisons . It is your choice to wear or not to wear ; and not everyone wants , or has , known better about it .   If you are contemplating keeping that underwear drawer closed tomorrow morning , or was endeavouring to convince someone else to take a walking on the wild side - that 's another one of those life experiments that need not lead to permanent changing . If you be caught in your zipper , or you just get 2nd was considering your choice , your underwear ai n't goin ' everywhere . You can even carry a pair around with you in case you abruptly wish to slip into something most comfortable . 

Q: Why do all men wear women's underwear?
A: That is like saying what underwear do most girls wear ? Everyone will say to you a various answering ...   grandma pants ,  thongs ,  high waisted ,  cheeky low are rising  ... ... the listing goes on .   for a guy , it could be  thong ,  whitie tighties ,  boxer ,  boxer breif  ...   not everyone mens 's the same .