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        Q: Do I need to build a fence for my dog if I already have hedges around my house?
A: Setting wooden positions within the ground gets a bad rap . It is in fact far and away the bestest way to construct a wooden fence if you chose to go the wood routing . If done appropriately , although it WILL decay since it is wood , it should last 15 to twenty years , and the united statesually people do n't is anticipated to 've got the same fence for twenty+ years . I 've built fences for around eight years , and each one of whom are still arrow-straight . For dogs like the ones you have , relying on their personalities you could use a ordinary 4 ' to six ' fence , but dogs can frequently jump that , so an 8 ' wooden privacy fence would be your very bestest betting .  something along the lines of this http : //www.cumbriafencingltd.co.uk/New percent 2 ...   Just a short list of what you might need :   As far as wood goes , used cedar . You will be required 6x6x ( for an 8 ' fence twelve ' for a shorter fence 8 ' ) posts , 1x4 slats , and 2x4s for the railways and for gates .   Some materials/tools/etc you will be required :   -Post hole diggers  -Shovel for adding DRY specific mixing )  -Wheel Barrel for specific mixing  -Digging bar with a tamper on one end and wedge iron on other  -Chain saw to cut excess length off of posts  -A circular saw for rail  -A few stakes and thereforeme bright nylon string for layout  -Upside down spray painted  -A measuring tape for marking  -A longer measuring tape for layout ( preferably the enormous kind with a handle )  -Plenty of pencils  -A good 4ft level  -A framing hammer  -10D and 8D nails ( Hot Dipped Galvanized ( HDG ) ring shank if accessible  - 4 or six Joist hangers for each post to hold secure the rail to the posts ( depending on how numerous rail you use )  -A SEMI flexible plastic rod is commemorating the arcs for the tops of the slats  -A coping saw to cut the slats matching the arc  -A drill/driver for installing gate hardware  -A broom/rake/flat shovel for cleaning   DO NOT mix the concrete , dried packing it and the united statese the dig bar to tamp it in place . ( wedge side first to mix in an up and down motion in the hole was later tamp it with the flat side till firm . There ought to be totally no movement in the post . ) Intermittantly shovel some of the dirt you took out in with concrete around the post , about equals parts , perhaps a liiiitttle little bit more specific than dirt .  

Q: What materials do I need to build a chain link fence?
A: You 've got the three basics , but you 'll need the hardware that connects them together . Usually the fence are annexed to the posts with a heavy wire that wraps around the post and to the fence material . The gate hardware 's a little most complex , but any hardware store will have it . If you intend the fence to be permanent , you 'll need specifically applicable to secure the posts .   As to the instrument you 'll need .  String stretched between 2 stakes ( to maintaining it straight )  Good leather gloves ( very important )  Post hole digger  fence stretcher  heavy pliers ( to twist the wire ) 

Q: Make a Removable Fence Post Hole?
A: Sand might shift . I 'd plumb and brace the fence pole and later fill in between the post and specific with some liquids epoxy with a low viscosity and a high compressive strength . Some sort of metal shim might work also .